With this movement we want to achieve a real change in the world that starts within each one‘s actions. We aim to wake up our inner consciousness and take our own decisions focused on a common living wealth.

The world’s population has passed from 1,6 Billion habitants in 1900 to 7,5 bn, this means that we have grown x4 in less than 2 generations. Our specie as Homo sapiens exists since 200K years and it has taken only 100 years to reach this figure. Also, now the carbon footprint of each human is exponentially bigger than those of our grandparents. The tendency is not sustainable.

Added to this fact, it seems that nowadays we all know about the serious damages that the human society model has on the Earth. However, apart from knowing the theory, we as individuals, do not take enough actions to reverse this situation, or at least not the vast majority of us. Here CSFN starts.


CSFN is a free social movement that pursues a living improvement for every one of us and for the world itself. CSFN wants to let each person be the change by recycling and literally cleaning trash mainly from wild and nature areas.

Summing up, the project is based on 3 tasks:

  1. Collect the trash by yourself.

  2. Measure the amount of trash in volume of bags / or weight.

  3. Set the geolocation of the area.

In the meantime we are starting to clean and to upload all this information on Instagram. However, we plan to create an App where you can upload a picture of the place you have cleaned (before/after), add the volume of the trash collected and the weight. With the app, you would be able to see how you reduce your carbon footprint in the World. We may also have the possibility to open alerts of high concentration of rubbish, and consequently organise a group to clean the area or a local cleaning service.

Changes become real when people are concerned and act consequently! Thank you for being the change :)


  • Try a minimalist lifestyle with less excess.

  • Recycle paper, glass, plastic, electronics, batteries…

  • Don't drive when you can walk/cycle, or else use public transport.

  • Buy less and try to repair instead of replace.

  • Try to go meatless once or twice a week.

  • Shop local products with less packaging and bring your own bag.

  • Take shorter showers and dry your clothes naturally.



This is a free joining project where we act as a community for our own good and for everyone's welfare. Feel free to join us on Instagram @cleansomethingfornothing which is the platform that we will use as the main tool to register and prove our achievements cleaning up rubbish from the nature.

Your cousin


Your friend

If you have any suggestion or idea to improve the movement do not hesitate to send us an email or a DM and we'll get in touch. We, as a NGO, would like to provide you in the near future with tools such as hand-weights, gloves and bags in order to facilitate reaching our goal. However, none of this is essential to start working on the clean-up process.




Here you can send us a message:

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